Sukha – pamper your body and mind.

Sukha means happiness, pleasure, ease, joy or bliss, in Sanskrit and Pali. The pleasure of “sukha” is an authentic state of happiness within a being that is lasting.

We know that every person is unique and it’s our goal to not just enhance your external appearance, but to nurture your internal environment as well. Together we will create the best routine for you, helping you to put your best self forward with confidence.

We offer many Esthetic treatments using the finest, high-quality, natural skincare products that address a wide variety of skin concerns, helping your own beautiful inner light shine. We also provide a zen, safe, accepting space where you can come in, relax and feel totally at ease, allowing the world to slip away providing you with true rejuvenation.

The combination of our expertise in skincare and all the om’azing treatment modalities we offer provides you with a Holistic Health and Wellness experience like no other in Sarasota!