Mindfulness Coaching

Learn to be more Mindful

Do you feel like you spend most of your day feeling stressed out or overwhelmed? Do you feel like something is blocking you from expanding and moving forward into the life you dream about? Do you feel weighed down by your past or stressed about the future, causing you to feel anxiety or depression? Are you finding it difficult to focus, spending your day feeling so scattered that it seems like you’re not even present for your own life? If you can relate to any of these statements then learning the tools of Mindfulness and creating a Mindfulness Practice is for you, and you are in the right place!

Working together we will create a plan so you can make changes in your life with clarity and a sense of your own power, helping you go beyond goals and make shifts from the inside out. Truly seeing who you are and considering how you want to be takes vulnerability, courage and creativity and will allow you to go beyond goals and insights to experience life from a new vantage point. Together we will discover what you’re tolerating while learning about and developing healthy habits. It’s about being who you really are based on your unique character strengths and values and it’s about prioritizing what’s really important to you and taking your next step. I invite you to consider that obstacles are not problems that hold us back but are the keys to bringing our gifts to life.

Because it can be difficult to start any new practice, it is helpful to have an experienced guide who can teach you the basics and offer guidance and support when you encounter difficulties. Believe me, meditation may sound so zen and easy but it is just as hard to stick with as any other routine you’ve ever tried to incorporate into your life. As your coach I’ll give you personalized instruction on the use of many tools that will help you reach your goals plus, I’ll offer you support and accountability. This results in real life change so you can reduce your stress, find your joy, release your addictions and live a mindful life!

1-Hour In-Person Session – $100.00

1-Hour Zoom Session – $80.00