Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher Certification

Do you have a Mindfulness Practice and feel a pull to share it with the world? Do you want to help others find their path to Mindfulness helping them transform their lives? If you answered yes to those questions then this course is for you! Working with Meditate: School of Mindfulness Ft. Lauderdale you will receive a customized training/coaching program that is designed to help you reach your goals. Whether that goal is to take your practice to the next level, go into private practice, lead groups, teach kids, or whatever may come to mind, this program will be perfect for you.

Each Module is set up to take your practice deeper and at each level you will be awarded a Master Certification in that skillset. Not only will you be taught each practice but you will acquire the skills needed to teach them through every course and workshop.


Module 1: The Foundations of Mindfulness – In this module we introduce yo to the practice with a fresh perspective. We discuss the history, the practice, the essential disciplines, and what it means to lead a Mindful life.

Module 2: Awareness – In this module we learn the mind/body connection as demonstrated through workshop in Mindful Eating, Body Scan and Breathworks, and so much more. This Module focuses on the concept of awareness, because if we aren’t aware how can we be present?

Module 3: The Energetic Body – In this module we earnt he connection to the practice of energy awareness. Studying the chakra, prana energy, sound, light, thoughts, emotions, and how everything is energy.

Module 4: Radical Acceptance – In this module we take a fresh approach to practicing acceptance and what it means. Accepting the past for what it is, accepting the things we can’t control, learning to put things into perspective so that we can move towards transformation.

Module 5: Mindful Stress Reduction – We know that stress is part of life, we all have it but mindfully we can take a fresh approach to stress and understand it’s what we do with stress that matters. We learn the practices of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and how it was created.

Module 6: Mindful Communication/Script Writing – In this module we study the art of deep listening, speaking from the heart. We also introduce you to the art of creating meditations, writing scripts, and leading meditations.

Module 7: Being Love and the Practice of Loving Kindness – We study the depths of the heart space and the practice of not seeing ourselves as givers or receivers of love, rather BEING LOVE. We learn the practice of metta meditation (loving kindness).

Module 8: Gratitude Training – We learn the power of shifting our focus to abundance. Through mantra, affirmation, and more we discover the power of deep gratitude. The attitude of gratitude can shift our clients and ourselves to see life from a fresh perspective.

Module 9: Forgiveness – In this module we dive deep into the practice of Forgiveness and learn it should be a constant practice, Forgiveness ifs Freedom, it’s surrendering the need for payback. It’s not about dismissing the thing or event, forgiveness is about letting go of the negative energy that we are carrying around. It’s about releasing the prisoner and understanding that prisoner is you.

Module 10: Oneness and Wholeness – We turn our focus from feeling separate to the reality of wholeness and oneness. We touch on the lessons of community, nd of not seeing ourselves as less than compete. This lesson brings us more together and reminds us we all are on this journey of life.

Module 11: Holding Space and setting Boundaries – We discover there is an art to Holding Space for others, whether it be our clients, our classes, our friends or loved ones. By holding space we offer a presence that moves others to ease suffering, release pain, and move forward. While holding space it’s important for us to set boundaries as well. Knowing our limitations, understanding what we accept, and determining our path makes a big difference in being successful.

​Module 12: Resilience and Emotional Intelligence – Recognizing that we are emotional beings and releasing ourselves and our clients from the resistance of our emotions moves us into a space of acceptance and out of the space of denial and rigidity. Learning to accept the bad s well as the good, the happy as well as the sad, and understanding that life flows this way moves us out of the space of suffering.

Module 13: Guided Imagery/Visualization – Using the voice to guide our clients into deeper states of relaxation through guided imagery and visualizations we can empower our clients to release stress and anxiety, calm the mind and soften the emotions.

Module 14: Intention and Ethics – We go into the depths of setting intentions and learning to lead a life of intention. In this module we also discuss the ethics of caring, what it means and how we can be lead a life aligned with or deep ethics.

Module 15: The Art of Telling Your Story/ Branding and Marketing – We discover that our story is our brand and that is what makes us unique and special. We learn how much or how little of that story becomes part of our practice and find that inner strength and confidence in knowing through our story we can inspire others.

Additional Trainings include: Yoga Nidra Teachers Training. Sound Healing Practitioner, Leading Group and Individual Sessions, Creating your Practice and Teachings in Setting up your Practice as a Coach.

Through the Private 1-on-1 Mentoring/Coaching Sessions, that you get with each module, as well as weekly reading and homework you will acquire the additional training in:

  • Obtain the knowledge and skills to overcome roadblocks and identify limitations.
  • Find your unique voice and a deeper spirituality in the practice.
  • Learn the history and various types and styles of meditation and align with the ones you connect with.
  • Learn how to Hold Space and Set Boundaries and how they are in important parts of the practice.
  • Learn the ethics and responsibilities of coaching and teaching.
  • Develop the skills to market yourself as a Coach/Teacher.

Our Course is set up to be VERY flexible, We offer all of our program for REMOTE study online, or IN PERSON study with your chosen mentor: Becky Moriarty, Sarasota FL. Once you register our Admissions Director Mike Rocheford will be contacting you to set up your one on one orientation with your mentor, Becky Moriarty.

If you are ready to start a career in coaching click the link below. I look forward to being your mentor and coach on this journey!!

Total Teacher Certification Course Including Yoga Nidra Training Price: $1,900