Sound Healing

Sound Healing Practitioner Certification Course

Our Immersive Certification Course is the most comprehensive program in this amazing practice. We have been dedicated to discovering and sharing the practices and benefits of Sound Healing and Therapies for years.

​​Our courses cover the depths and details of the practices, but more than that they are designed to IMMERSE you in the practice so that you’re not just guiding from what you’ve learned, you’re guiding from your own TRANSFORMATION. Through experiential learning and our online portal we have many ways you can engage in the practices. Our program guides you to the space where you learn to not only use the instruments but how to play them with INTENTION. The cornerstone of our teachings are based around the mantra: SOUND + INTENTION = HEALING

The courses are lead by leading practitioners and educators in the field of Sound Healing including myself, Becky Moriarty and the Founder/Director of Meditate School of Mindfulness and Master Meditation Teacher Bill Gisclair-Sullivan, who wrote the book “The Healing Art of Sound”, which this program is based around.

Our programs provide you with the knowledge and the skills to build your own practice, lead group and private sessions and ultimately to become a Therapist in Sound Healing.

Upon completion you will receive a certification from Meditate: School of Mindfulness.


Practitioner Course Studies:

Module 1: Definitions of the Practice 
Module 2: Intention

Module 3: Crystal Singing Bowls 
Module 4: Himalayan Bowls
Module 5: Chakra/The Energetic Body 
Module 6: Yoga Nidra/Sound Nidra
Module 7: Holding Space and Setting Boundaries
Module 8: Clearing Space, Rituals and Set Up 
Module 9: Gong
Module 10: Synchronicity and Serendipity 
Module 11: Sound for Stress Reduction 
Module 12: The Business of Sound Healing
Module 13: Intention 
Module 14: Entrainment and Cymatics
​Module 14: Drums/Rhythmic Instruments
Module 15: Tuning Forks
Module 16: Vibroacoustic Therapy & Sound Massage
​Module 17: Liability, Contraindications
​Module 18: Therapeutic Uses
Module 19: Practitioner Practices

Full Course ​Cost $585 – includes books, materials, instruction, lifetime access to our online training portal, lifetime access to your teachers, discounted membership in the Sound Therapy Network and a one year membership in The Alliance for Sound Healers, Practitioners and Teachers…ASHPAT.


Saturday Training: Generally takes place from 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

Sunday Training: Generally takes place from 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

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